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Are you struggling because your health can’t keep up with your successful, busy work life?

You CAN liberate yourself from stress, avoid chronic ill health so that you continue to perform better

Keeping productivity high can be tough on your body

Technology is changing the business world so quickly that it is hard for business leaders to keep up physically. Hundreds of emails strain your attention. Faxes demanding an urgent response get your blood boiling.

The human body simply isn’t built to handle this flood of information and decisions. And most health and wellness programs are not suitable for high achieving business professionals because they do not take your intense workload into account.

How can you tell you are stressed?

Stress can make you angry and cynical. It may give rise to feeling of hopelessness so that you become withdrawn. You may notice nagging aches and pains, palpitations, indigestion or have trouble sleeping. You may lose interest in your work. Your productivity has declined. Fatigue may make you fall asleep at inappropriate times e.g.while driving or even in a meeting.

Imagine how you can perform better, feel better and achieve more once you liberate yourself from stress!

A few simple steps and changes in daily practice can help you experience more energy, a sense of relief, better health and wellbeing and a recharged desire to perform better and achieve more.

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Send an email to to book a “Liberate from Stress Discovery Session.” This session will help you learn more about your stress, what are its costs to you and your organisation and how you can feel better, look better and have sustainable productivity when your health is liberated from stress. It will also help design a tailor-made program for you.

In over two decades of medical practice, Dr. Aamer Iqbal has helped business owners, executives, diplomats, professionals and their families liberate their health from stress and reclaim their wellness. As a member of the International Coach federation (ICF), he adheres to the ICF guidelines on ethics and confidentiality.

“I was struggling to live through some long, dark days of my life. I was feeling desperate and hopeless. I had no support from either my family or my workplace. In fact, I was close to suicide once, resisted it only for the sake of my mother. I was prescribed medicines, but they only made me sleepy. I am grateful to a friend who referred me to Dr. Aamer. He helped me take a fresh look at my life. I set five goals for myself which would enhance my career and my life. Four months later I have achieved four of the five goals with good progress on the fifth. I can’t understand why people continue to suffer while such wonderful help is available. (RN, Islamabad.)”